Difference between Epoxy tumblers and Sublimation tumblers

Last Frontier Creations, does epoxy tumblers. This means I design and create each tumbler. So no two will be identical. They are all custom. Some of the tumblers are as simple as printing a design and wrapping the tumbler with it, then epoxying it. Others take longer and need multiple layers or glitter, epoxy, sanding and detail. But all are covered with epoxy for a long lasting durable tumbler. The handcrafting can take a few days and then epoxy to cure is another few days. which is why my turn around time is 2-3 weeks. You are getting a handcrafted one of a kind cup.

Sublimation tumblers which are beautiful in their own way are an image baked onto a special type of tumbler that has a coating on it to adhere the image to the cup. No epoxying is required. These tumblers can be replicated and hundreds turned out in a short time frame and they all look identical.